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Non-Performance Layoffs At EY Have Begun

Last week EY NA started laying off people for non-performance reasons. Heard this directly from HR person in company who is pretty disgusted. First it was newly hired and underperforming partners. (One partner had left PwC just a few months ago to work at EY. Gone.) Second people who had performance issues which included those that had been told that they laid those issues to rest over the last 12 months. Third senior people such as senior managers up for promotion in the next 12 months. Told there was no promotions to partner in foreseeable future, so were being let go. This included people who had client projects ongoing and were bringing in revenue. No warning. No transparency. (Big EY values) Given those senior people were not talked to about the situation and given the opportunity to just sit tight until better times, HR person felt it was more likely a cost cutting strategy under the cover of COVID. HR person questioned where is Kelly Grier. In March and June out there telling everyone there will be no layoffs unless performance related according to HR person. He had to tell people who were in the top tier of their groups. Ms. Grier has not been heard from by employees since this blood bath began two or so weeks ago. HR person said goal is 25% in NA across the board.

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