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MB is grateful for helping him sell $500K of CRM stock, daily, for six years

For six years (2004-2010), MB sold 10,000 to 20,000 shares of CRM stock in the open market for $500k+. Not annually. Not quarterly. Not monthly. Daily.


Your services are no longer needed.

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In 2004, the stock was worth around $4 and by 2010, it had only ever been at a high of $18, so by selling 20,000 shares he could only ever have made a maximum of $360,000 at a time.

Secondly, he got very rich. Yes. Why does that mean his services are no longer needed? Since then he has grown the stock to $270 today and employs 54,000 people. If he had left the company years ago, my opinion is that that would not have happened. And he would have been replaced by another rich CEO who may not have done as much for the employees or the community.

It is easy to throw mud, but what is your point? How should he have done better? What would you do?

I am not saying all he has done is right, but you give no positive advice or solution.

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