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This was not performance based, it was a true restructuring...

I was laid off on Tuesday. It was a complete shock. I’ve been a top performer for years. Been promoted 5 times in 9 years, selected for executive leadership programs, surpassed annual goals etc. This was not performance based, it was a true restructuring.

They needed to cut lower priority areas so that they could fund higher priority areas. We were told on the all hands call that a large number of layoffs were senior director level plus, meaning that the most expensive employees in low priority areas were the first to go. The timing was not a coincidence...

Anyone who understands how corporate balance sheets work would tell you the same. Still... it leaves a terrible taste in my mouth. I’ve worked my tail off to get promotions and raises, and I’m rewarded by getting laid off now that I’m too expensive.

Doesn’t really make you want to put in that extra effort knowing that it may ultimately be your own downfall. I think the executive leadership team had the right intentions, but the farther down the line the layoffs fall, the bigger the chance that layoffs will be political and will not be fair.

I know a whole team that was let go because the new manager was looking to clean house, not because it was a low priority area. Lots of politics, backstabbing, and chess playing as you get to three or four levels removed from Marc. I’m hopeful that I will indeed find another role internally.

And I’ve already been contacted by many hiring managers. who knows, I may even end up getting a better role and a pay raise out of this. End of the day, it still s—s. The ohana bs is on full display, We’re still in a pandemic, parents are still Juggling working and parenting/teaching, the all hands was completely tone deaf, and morale is low.

Hope if doesn’t do unrepairable damage to the company. I’ve never seen so much backlash from the safe employees.

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There are several key things going on that everyone needs to understand.

1) Sales was cut across the board due to non-performance in Q1 and Q2. If you didn't sell anything, then you likely lost your job.
2) Product phaseout led to certain teams losing their jobs. Some products are just going to be EOLed and the teams are no longer needed. It's impossible to keep and retrain everyone in that instance.
3) Job leveling and salary rationalization are going on throughout the organization. This is what led to the firing off all those CSG people earlier in the year. Salesforce has traditionally hired a lot of people out of consulting which means that ICs came in at higher salaries/bonuses than if they were hired and grown organically. If you're high paid (high 100s+) and you have no org, you're at risk.

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I just got an interview for salesforce and I’m realizing- now I think im taking someone’s job possibly

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The way it was handled is questionable. Why are there open roles posted for the same positions At the same level that were eliminated if it was really a role elimination? And why aren’t those employees just moved into those open roles?? Because it is a cost cutting exercise when it gets to the department level. Especially for departments were headcount is power... which is all of them at salesforce. Departments get less money and the svp’s want the same amount of power if not more... and it becomes an exercise in getting rid of expensive people to hire two junior people. The people I know that were laid off were the best people, been at the company a long time, Had made huge impact their whole career... Maybe that was t the intent at the corporate level... but many svps down are just out for themselves. These are the “leaders” that no one will want to work for... and only leaders by title, not by true following.

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This layoff makes no sense. Of the positions layed off that I know about there seems to be NO logic. A senior manager in the Salesforce documentation infrastructure team, multiple people in MuleSoft engagement, a Tableau engineer.

What do those possibly have in common or how do they reflect changes in strategy?

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Per your quote:

We were told on the all hands call that a large number of layoffs were senior director level plus, meaning that the most expensive employees in low priority areas were the first to go. The timing was not a coincidence...

That is management at its best. Not due to talent but pure business decision. I seen it at my company where a new venture does not work and they have to lay off that whole area. It is really sad but we were losing money. And those folks expected that to occur.

I have also seen in our company where they say each department must lose 10% of all people regardless of performance and the 10% is a money number so a person making more is more likely to be laid off. That causes the most fear to the the folks in the company.

What should have happen at Salesforce would be for the CEO to take a pay cut along with the rest of his senior staff to prevent the layoffs and let the staff know. Now, you can still do the layoffs but give more time to the folks since you cut your salary to extend their stay. Or better yet, tell Wall Street that you take a hit to your stock price to protect your employees during Covid. But that will not work since the investors make the decisions.

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Can anyone actually list their priorities?! I’ve seen many moving chess boards but this has got to be off the scale on passive aggressive.

Businesses will shift, although there is a way of going about it - its a cost cutting exercise and majority are from director level not just senior director level. There are people that VPs never wanted and seen as a pain to their business. What better time to remove it all and tell people that they’re doing the best they can.

Hoping there are roles internally but it’s not looking hopeful whatsoever. Tell this to my mortgage lender, utilities company and my children when I can’t pay the bills or struggle with putting food on their table. Time to apply externally!

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