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Giant Eagle Does Not Apply For COVID-19 Pennsylvania Hazard Pay Grant For Its Employees

Why does this not surprise me. That shows you the type of company Giant Eagle is..

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There is a list of awardees available for review on several PA gov sites. Giant Eagle is not on the list. I can't say they didn't apply or reasons why they would or wouldn't. But, Google 'PA hazard pay' and it's easy enough to find.

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If it's not true then I guess employees will be getting Hazard Pay from the state of Pennsylvania soon. Just a little FYI... Employees won't be getting any money because Giant Eagle did not apply for the money. Ask one of the 37 Vice Presidents.. NOW GET BACK TO WORK AND MAKE GIANT EAGLE MORE MONEY..

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So we should take the word of some anonymous online hack when they say “it’s true” without citing any possible evidence?

Well, let me tell you something there my friend, the world is actually FLAT!

Yes, everyone’s been lying to you “anonymous” this entire time!

How do I know this to be fact you ask?

Well because “it’s true”!

See the relevance?

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Can you elaborate on how you know this to be fact? It’s hard to believe that ANY company wouldn’t do this unless there are stipulations that we aren’t privy to.

Please share your reasoning for making this statement so that the rest of us can blast the company IF accurate.


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