Thread regarding Sungard Availability Services layoffs

Last month of the quarter usually means a quick headcount shakedown.

Good luck to fellow sungarders who have managed to make it this far in the [email protected] that is 2020.

We are at the regular quarterly shakedown. I wonder who is walking around unaware of their names being put on lists ? It is the Sungard way after all.

Unless of course we have a massive outsourcing deal worth $200 million which is about to be signed in the next couple of weeks.

You know the all new managed AWS service coupled with the Serviced Work Area should get us back to profitability.

Reality is, we will be lucky to close this year out at $650 million. So from 900 to 650 is another 250million vaporised into thin air in the space of a year. That means the lists of names at risk start growing.

Good luck. Let the dice roll.

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401k was cut in half not zero, unless they are changing it again, , are you sure about the one month severance??? That would really s—.

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Yep. This is the current m.o. for Sungard. Pay you as little as they can possibly get away with, pack your stuff and get out.

You will find very quickly that accessing systems like email and Salesforce will be a no go. You will be locked out if your laptop in a heartbeat.

So my advice is, if you have anything personal/important on your work laptop then remove ASAP so that you can return a clean laptop.

Also, make sure you download all e-payslips and save remotely on your personal online storage.

If your purging you’re files, do not overlook the document and download folders on your local device.

Also, remember the work OneDrive account.

Purge purge purge.

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Can anyone confirm that glassdoor post? Hard to imagine a scumbag POS company like sungard can go any lower

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Well, good luck with that plan. They want people gone preferably with minimal payout. What do you make of this recent post on Glassdoor?

From the review: "If you like being laid off, this is the perfect company to work for"

"Oh, yes, forgot to mention that they no longer match the 401K contributions, only give you 4 weeks of severance pay despite your tenure, and cut your benefits off the very day of your termination."

Specifically the tenure part, sour grapes or the new normal?

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I am actively trying to get on ‘the list’. In fact any list will do!

I’ve expressed my concerns to my line manager about current instability, long term sustainability, job security and career progression. That should be enough to get my name on a consideration list at the very least.

I’ve also asked HR whether their will be any rounds of voluntary redundancy coming up and what the process is to be considered!

So I’ve kinda shown my hand.

Come on guys. Take the hint. I’m ready for the exit. Show me the money and I’m out if the door.

One less body to consider when your trying to figure out how your going to ‘constructively’ reduce the number of employees.

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I hope I'm on the list! I mean, who wouldn't at this point?

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Don’t forget the retention bonus’ for “key employees” expire this month, so you know what is about to hit the fan...

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