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Sweatshop indeed....

It's been quiet here so.....

I read through the posts and comments. The one comment that struck me the hardest was the one about Mastercard (MC) being a 'sweatshop.' The one definitive word to describe the place.

I was hired by the contracting company that starts with 'W.' I am the only only American on my team. I now know why no one wanted my position. This place is a complete sh!tshow. 12 hours a days. No weekends off. On-call 100% of my time. The job entails putting out one dumpster fire after another, day after day after day with no end in sight. MC has never heard of the concept of quality control.

Before I get comments about 'why don't you Ieave', I have less than 2 months on my 1 year contract and I'll be gone faster than you can say 'good riddance.'

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To everyone out there, I am the OP. As I claimed I would, I walked away. I don't want to give too many details to possibly reveal my identity. I walked away with no immediate job prospects, not that I want a new job right now. I need to tend to my health for a few months.

I have worked in bursts of 12+ hour days before for months at a time depending on deadlines on projects at previous jobs, but this job took it to a whole new level. Pretty much mandatory 12 hour days EVERYDAY. I was burned out after 6 months. 6 freakin' months....! My contract required me to stay for a year. The job took a toll on my health, hence the reason to take a few months off to recover and enjoy the holidays with friends and family and not stress out over that non-stop pager.

My departure was not meant to screw over my teammates even though it probably did. The thing is, I stopped caring once I realized MC didn't care about me. The environment was a true toxic sweatshop. If you don't take care of yourself, the company you work for certainly won't.

This job falls under learning experience and worse job ever. In my 20+ year IT career, I have noticed 2 things - you are either typically underpaid or overpaid. (I know, a real revelation.) When underpaid, which was most of the time, it was because it was a 'privilege' to work for the company and to put their name on your resume. When you're overpaid, you're expected to sacrifice everything to tow the company line. And I do mean everything.

Take care everyone and peace out!

(In regards to being over/under paid..... beggars can't be choosy in the IT industry. You take what you can get and keep looking for something better. Out of my 7 jobs in IT, I have been laid-off 4x and left horrible work environments 2x.)

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I would never work for Mastercard, I was a client once and they are the worst. Never returned phone calls.

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