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Hate the stigma now of working here

I don't like what this company stands for. Its the worst kind of mass manipulator of the public. Freedom of speech and public discourse is being replaced with f—ly Mark's overlord mentality. I work here for the paycheck but would like nothing more than to leave and destroy this evil enterprise.

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Then leave and stop complaining. If the company is as evil as you say ... you must be satan to keep helping the company succeed. You are the highest sell out ever!

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I do not agree with you. I do not work at Facebook but I feel it is important that it exists. Mark is still trying to figure out the ocean of uncertainty out there. He is a genius creating the product but now it requires a higher level of understanding of how to manage the psychological aspects. Ignore the noise of all those opinions and do not let it influence you. At the end, people will listen to their conscience and will hopefully evolve above the petty BS. I think you are lucky. It is still prestigious to be part of Facebook. They still have a ton of users so there is a lot of value in the product. Hang in there!

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