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No more layoffs!

The long trickle of layoffs looks like it's come to an end...there's nobody left!

  • Support outsourced to Panama
  • Development outsourced to various Eastern European countries
  • QA isn't necessary if there's no development
  • Marketing was shut down years ago so not much to do there
  • Sales is down to cold calling (begging) and a few enterprise accounts

The only real full time employees are a couple of lingering legacy products and a pile of overpriced executives so if there's going to be anymore layoffs, it'll be the last few actually keeping the lights on.

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That’s the way the laws in America work for leverage buyouts. The PE firm wins no matter what. So there is no incentive to build a company up successfully. They can just run a company down into bankruptcy and still come out ahead. Much bigger companies than Quest have been lead down this same road by a PE firm. It’s sad but one look around the AV offices, that once was two building worth of people and is now barely two floors worth, should leave no questions as to what Francisco partners is doing.

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@1yxp+16VkQij1 - develop not so much. There are a few teams left in maintenance mode or finishing up the last of the "great management ideas" before outsourcing but their products have gone down the word perfect/corel draw road (with the help of their former CEO). Take the customer base and milk them out on maintenance (while not providing any real support or updates) until the revenue executive pay...then drop the product.

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I hear the legacy stuff was outsourced to China. Does Quest even develop its own software anymore or did they give up after spotlight cloud? LOL

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No no there is always room for improvement. Upper Management can be outsourced after all they are the last bunch of high salaried employees whose jobs can be done just as well by a lower cost suit somewhere else.

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