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Luxury Stores at Amazon

Amazon launched their new luxury store today – bye bye Nordstrom. Have fun with Rack stores and 20% margins.

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Bleak checks xir email.

Nordstrom Rack
Tory Burch
Limited quantities. By invite only.
Shop exclusive styles before they’re gone.
Enter the Sale (link)

So Nordstrom has these little exclusive invites, too. Sure enough, the links in the email brought me to a landing page where I could navigate the Tory Burch merch. Not logged-in, not in Nordy Club, the email link was indeed my ticket.

Visit the Rack site straight up like the unwashed masses. No indication that Tory Burch even exists at the Rack. Not in the Brands filter list. Item searches come up empty.

Hey, nice work, Rack web store team.

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Who is wearing luxury these days? We are working from home, social distancing and on conference calls. Okay, a good enough jacket and tie is enough. Pants optional

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No, I just think fake scarcity is inane. If you have a store, especially on the internet, open the doors.

“Luxury” is also foolish. Nordstrom carries some frivolous SKUs, sure, but its clothes tend toward the nice, well-made, and practical. Lately, Patagonia is a good example.

Bleak has read his share of Veblen, and you should, too.

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Bleak get turned down for an Amazon job?

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“Exclusive Access“

“Luxury Stores is by invitation only to eligible Prime members and available through the Amazon mobile app.“

Oh look look, it’s “exclusive”. Bleak does not have Prime and thinks Amazon is particularly lame.

Wow your website is clearly a cut above, for special people.

If I say any more, the jannies will scuttle this post.

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