Thread regarding Hy-Vee layoffs

HyVee having a hard time hiring new help!

Word must be getting out. What a surprise?

A friend who worked for HyVee part-time a couple years ago (left to work at Fareway with better pay and benefits) said she got an email out of the blue asking if she wanted to come back because they have 30+ open positions!

Coincidentally another friend whose daughter worked part-time at the same store and left last year because they wouldnt give her enough hours got the SAME email!

Pretty pathetic, huh? Not enough help and the holiday rush starts in about a month and a half? How’s all that workin’ for ya?

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So hyvee is looking to hire lots of help.Maybe they should have kept some of the help they fired a few months ago.They fired them because they were long time employees making high dollar. They want only low wage employees.If you're looking for a job STAY AWAY FROM HYVEE SUPERVISION TREATS YOU LIKE YOURE THE ENEMY.They think that because you wear a red polo that youre not worthy of being spoken to.This new supervision is just terrible.

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Grocery retail is no longer a good place to be for a long term career. I've been with Hy-Vee for over 30 years as well. Gone completey downhill for about the last 7 years. If you're looking for a career it's best to look elsewhere.

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This doesnt suprise me.Im a 30 yr employee and have been treated aweful.Ive trained many employees and have a clean record yet have still have been treated careful if u want to make a career with this company.

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