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HyVee can fired you if you are working more that your scheduled hours

The Hyvee store I have worked at for 7 years has started to show it's "second wave" of job cuts. I was surprised to see they were offering Part Time benefits, I have worked more close to 40 hours a week and never been hired to full-time at any point all these years working for this store. During when the Covid started and the store was letting go "fired" people, we lost 6 employees in our department. My job load increased 3 fold...I was working 11 hours with only 1 break, the department manager made cuts and stopped ordering supplies for our department, we don't have sometimes enough gloves for everyone, and we have pumping issues they won't fix. I was told the other day when I asked about a co-worker I hadn't see for a few days (thought she was sick maybe) the department manager told me...she had to take some time off because she went over her hours and they would have to "FIRE HER" ...wait!!! WHAT??? Yes, now HyVee can fired you if you are working more that your scheduled if you are a Part Time worker and you go over your hours instead of Hyvee hiring you full time, they have to " Fire" you or you have to take some time off. so...if I was working 40 hours a week for 3 or 4 weeks in a row...I will have my hours cut down to under 30 hours a week...and if that doesn't stay under 30...they can fire me??? Yep...even us hard worker.

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Well, you could do them a solid and say "I quit" to turn the tables on them. Believe me, if they're trying to nickle and dime their employees, they are no company to devote your time to, especially if you're a solid worker with a functioning brain.

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If you are over a certain number of hours for so long, they have to make you full time. This is why they try and keep averages under 30

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