Thread regarding Seagate Technology Inc. layoffs

Why no Innovation ?

Seagate seems to be struck in drudgery. “Data is the new oil” and Seagate can’t seem to capitalise on anything beyond basic HDD since the 2000s. Revenue CAGR is way down, Units are massively down from 70M to 30M. Acquisitions have been poor - five/six attempts and SSD duds, Korea, dot hill and xyratex disasters. HAMR and UDX are the names of innovation and both are stillborn. Research Organization producing zilch for innovation after many years. HDD engineering growing measly 10-15%/generation. M&A activity dry. No signs of growth, $1B/yr worth of good human capital almost wasted. Leadership uninspiring. Yet a fair bit of chest thumping and “everything is okay” mentality.

Seems like a Cntrl-Alt-Delete massively needed ???? How does a company like this get out of a death spiral or at best a drudgery spiral ?? What should the board be doing ?

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Because they got fat dumb and happy just being a cash cow and nothing more. The chickens are coming home to roost with a business model that is nothing more than an ATM for shareholders.

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