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BT is laying off employees

BT is laying off employees despite prior “Promises” of standing by their people and customers during the pandemic. Employees are given notice with little regard to number of years of service given. The new way forward will be to offshore all of its newly open service management jobs to lower cost. Quite frankly the only saving grace was the US service management that were keeping customers with BT. I only continue to see this company fall further as it continues to lower its quality by not taking care of their employees and offshoring.
During a Pandemic also is “NOT” a good way to show customers and employees your in it thick & thin by having layoffs .... If you can’t take care of your own no business will believe you can take care of them.

it’s simple - Employees treated good pass that on to the customer and increase retention as well as make customers want to bring in other customers!

Get a clue!

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I left Bt after 40 years of service and have seen a real depreciation in standards and service over recent years . The company seem determined to offshore as much work as possible to India even if it means poor service . They can only do this to a certain extent and they are now stretching it to the point where skill is lost and cannot be recaptured . I fear for their future .

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Is this confirmed? Where are the job losses happening?

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