Thread regarding Broadcom Corp. layoffs

Shutting down 401K contributions...

Should we away up a pool and take bets on when this gets announced? winner takes all...LMAO.

my scenarios are:

1) eliminate completely
2) cut back contribution by 50%
3) change vesting of current contribution from payday to 1x per year, thus enabling mass layoffs before people vest - a brilliant idea done by several well known tech companies.


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Stock price is priority but morale can't get lower

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These posts remind me of the stupid **** that was posted on Yammer before the acquisition closed. "Broadcom is going to steal our current 401k money" or "Broadcom is going to reduce everyone's salary to minimum wage". While it is true that the company is a money machine, it will only stay that way if keeps functioning at a high level. Despite what some posters think here, Hock is not stupid. Having an entire staff disgruntled on the verge of quitting would impact the bottom line and the stock price in a real hurry.

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Nah, Hock believes in higher than average on pay + benefits and lower than average on headcounts.

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4) no change.

No way they touch this.

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