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Time to leave

How they think anyone who has been with the company for more than 3 years would think that a new tag line and another restructuring was going to lead to anything is beyond me. If you can’t generate sales your problems go beyond anything a new tagline and rebranding can save.

Personally I have had enough. Tried of always having to worry about how this company is doing this quarter or if layoffs are coming or listening to more Happy talk Company conference calls while they plan the next round of work force reductions no one sees coming cause “we did so well this quarter” I am getting out as fast as I can.I suggest any Quest employees reading this do the same.

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No Dell was actually better than the private equity that owns Quest now.
Dell at least had a plan to try to grow DSG. They failed, but at least they had growth of the company in mind. Francisco partners, on the other hand, is following the private equity play book almost note for note. Growth of the company is not a concern. The chase for yield is. They will cut cost by reducing the work force, sell off assets, offshore production as much as possible, raise prices and try to drain as much money from customers as possible.

Upper management does not tell the truth during those “all hands meetings”. It does not matter how well sales do each quarter, the attainment of sales numbers will not alter how PE works. Even if there is growth Francisco partners will still follow the PE playbook with more work force reductions and cost cutting until they sell Quest.

If you work for PE firm your job is on thin ice no matter what.

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That ship sailed when Dell took over and during the "welcome to Dell" call, the CTO said that there was no place for "legacy software"...all Quest had was legacy software! In the years since, they still haven't developed a single viable product so that ship is long gone and well over the horizon.

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I think that ship has sailed.
Good luck.

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