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Politics and Scapegoats

if someone telling here that this is performance layoff, i am sure that person let go off his people, and trying to justify. i was part of layoff last week, i worked almost 4 years in that company and always passionate about the mission of Tesla but when i let go on the basis of performance, i was surprised. I was never put on PIP, it's a CA law that your have to put person on PIP and then you let go for performance issues. I know another 5 colleagues who let go off for same reason. I had trust in the company and i worked sincerely there, but there is so much politics on higher management and sometime you are end up as scapegoat. Tesla is letting 4 plus years employees go because we own stocks, all of our RSUs go back to company, and right now stock is $1600, so it makes perfect sense for them to have those back to company pool. Just in case you are wondering, I was laid off by a manager, who just got hired because his friend is at management level. So BYOFriend and let's play Politics, so we can get more and more people under us.

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i know very high performers that were let go. they were just really hard people to work with. not saying you are but they were always spreading doom and gloom theories, were kind of conceited/bad attitude folks that no one wanted to be around. when they would do work reviews with the team they wouldn't take criticism at all and treat it like an attack. No way would they ever take responsibility for mistakes.

Not sure if that counts as performance, but can tell you the entire team felt compromised. the environment already feels more productive and frankly less anxious again.

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Get a lawyer. Musk/Tesla only respond when you show you mean it.

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