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How do you guys maintain the darling image?

So I read through this board as I work at a competitor in their EV area and am looking at options. First off, these message boards offer the purest insight how bad things really are at companies. Anyone looking to move, highly recommend going to that company's board and read up. I thought I would read through these topics and see a rosie picture, but it's the same b—s— anywhere you go. How do you guys maintain that image, is it the die hard fan boys/cult members? From what I read you have high turnover and most people have under 5 years seniority. You work a lot of uncompensated time and get tossed out like trash. Is Elon really that big of an a–hole? I never thought he was a genius just someone who was in the right place/ right time and connected. Does he run the company or is it the swarm of s— asses that surround him and he walks around like Steve Jobs?

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Not everything here is feeding negative confirmation bias and disgruntled employees. If you think people here are complaining about Tesla because they are disgruntled employees, then you are out of your mind. i am sure you are a recruiter in Tesla and try to convince outsider that everyone here is lying. You have no idea, how hard people worked in Tesla, and they let go. I can tell you right now HR is puppet of management, so no one listen to you. You can't go against your managers to HR.
I am a huge fan of Elon, and totally believe in mission of this company, but bottom line is management doesn't care for anyone. No respect.

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tesla is a great place doing great work. this isn't an good forum to ask for quality employee feedback. this places serves basic purposes purposes only...

  • feeding negative confirmation bias about tesla from other disgruntled employees
  • medium for outsiders trying to incite anger and confusion in tesla employees
  • medium for short sellers and competitors trying to fish information from disgruntled employees
  • unofficial UAW landing page used to try and recruit more dues paying members
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