Thread regarding Canadian Natural Resources Limited layoffs

No cuts Expected at CNRL in 2020

CNRL will not experience much in terms of job cuts. Why? Because the federal government will have to help the oil industry otherwise it will be seen as Western alienation. I expect the current federal government especially as it is a minority government to support the oil and gas industry in Alberta. We need to ensure we have low-income tax, no sales tax and support of the Oil industry.

Other sectors such as metals etc. could see problems.

We may not get any sort of bonus or profit sharing this year, that's okay!

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I read Suncor announced layoffs. Any word about what is going on at CNRL?
What is the federal governmnet government going to do to support our the Oil and Gas industry?

The federal government is wasting resources as usual in Eastern Canada. We are the engine that drives the rest of Canada. Support needs to be afforded to Alberta first. Supporting us will drive support in the rest of Canada through spinoff. This is not the case the other way around.

We need a clear plan what Ottawa plans to do to support the most important industry in Canada.

In Alberta we are making sacrifices to our public services to support the Oil and Gas industry, what is the rest of Canada doing to support Oil and Gas - Nothing!!!. The most important and vital industry in Canada must be supported at all costs.

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if you work at CNRL you are pretty much safe. Your computer might be not top notch, monitor old. You don't use latest systems that are expensive like SAP. Your offices are ok, but right in downtown. Manager may be not great. Food at camp is .... well you know.
But you get your paycheck. Amen.

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Things will pick up for Alberta. TROC (the rest of Canada) will have to realise we have been picking up the slack for the rest of the country all these years.

To hell with the environment, we need jobs in Alberta. We have one of the largest proven oil and gas reserves in the world. We should be allowed to extract and sell it. If the rest of the country is concerned they should help Alberta.

“The environment will fix itself its the order of nature”. - Peter Shaw

Alberta is the engine that drives the rest of the country. Without our energy the rest of the country can’t move. Canada needs to understand this and invest in a strong Alberta.

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Totally agree.
Things might be on the bad side right now but O&G jobs will rebound. The federal government will have to dish out to support our industry. The demand for oil is down but things will pick up.

No tax increases (Provincially), no PST. I expect larger transfer payments to Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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