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Chapter 22

This was as predictable as the 4 seasons. The stage was set for this latest bankruptcy by the FROG and his incompetent minions, but you cannot blame the current CEO. He may not be the best choice for this role, but he was handed a stinking pile people. Now, the question is will the taskmasters ruling at the board level have the intestinal fortitude to do what is right? They made good moves sweeping FROG and the GREAT PRETENDER out the door, but there is more work to be done. Jawboning alone is not going to make this company successful. A COO that has a proven skill set in LEADING people is what is needed here, period, the end. All the pretty boy floyd's in the world are not going to get it done in today's environment. A leader with the knowledge, ability and willingness to get their hands dirty and clean this mess up is what is needed. The technical knowledge is present here, but the ability to LEAD is not and until that is addressed, this company will continue to "circle the drain".

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Got the big packet in the mail. I not reading that sh–. Wtf we do with our lousy 100 shares frog gave us? Knew I should of sold that sh– soon as I got it.

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What stupid lender is giving 300K to CHAP to go out and waste again? Nothing left to develop at this point.

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