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We're sinking

Closing the clinic. EVERYONE saw it coming. Web is now run by id–ts and sycophants.
You are not valued.
Every little thing that made this company worthwhile has been slowly stripped away.
But Web invests in its propaganda machine and the pixie haired minister of propaganda. Web wants a heavier social media presence, but fails to realize that unhappy employees don't promote a company. So they have to resort to fake.
And don't be fooled by the faux progressive message. They refused to make a public statement about BLM. It's all internal. All for our benefit and consumption. Web is bleeding employees. People who knew how to get things done are gone. The ones who stay get a couple word docs and that's it. Nobody knows how to do sh– anymore.
And the sycophants kiss a– even harder to try to save their leathery backsides.
You can always spot them liking and commenting on the Web connected articles.
The changes have been gradual, but think back on when the midget was CEO and the company colors weren't pink and purple. At least then, Web pretended to care.

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Had to use my BCBS for the first time a few weeks ago. Was previously a happy patient at the CareHere clinic. The staff and care was great, and I really appreciated the free lab and meds...

The new place gave me about 5 minutes with the new Nurse Practitioner, charged me $185. Went to the pharmacy to get my meds–$140. All this was no charge before March when web shut the clinic down. That was a tough $325 out of my pocket.

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Everyone knew this was coming as soon as Siris bought Web.
The iT market is HOT right now - find another gig!

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Who cares about a BLM statement, how about a statement about they care for the employees.

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Old " midget" LOL yep he drove his little tesla over to Kenan Bldg after work to check on his Minon Managers. And the other guy driving his Fisker over as well to blow some sunshine and skittles up everyones rear ends

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