Thread regarding American Airlines Group Inc. layoffs

Asking for a BailOut? Please Bankrupt

Get a loan or Bankrupt

Record executive Compensations
Stock Buybacks
Luggage surcharge
Fuel surcharge

What about a loan? Oh thats right they want free money,?
Nothing is free...
socialized debt in which you and me are responsible to pay.

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Worked at AA as a contractor and management abused me even after working a year with no time off! Never worked harder for a company. I watched my manager abuse a girl he picked and hired from out of state. This company is rotten from the top down filled with hateful abusive people! Don’t fly with AA. Don’t work there either. They need to file for bankruptcy. They have almost $40 billion in debt from a corrupt CEO that bought back stock rather than pay down debt. BAD MANAGEMENT!

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