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JDPS layoffs?

I was told yesterday to expect an email on "where you fit in Smart Industrial." Mine was a generic "you're doing the same job," but rumour has it Nov 4 is when the hammer is dropping. Anybody know how many are getting pink slips under the guise of "taking out the layers, man"?

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Not with JDPS but another division.... Got call with boss last week. I am still there but some may not be. The Nov 4th thing is due to region 2 aka Europe employment rules they need more time to work out who stays and who goes. So, the new org chart will not be public until then.

No idea on bottom level layoffs but over a month ago someone in the next up level who survived told me that abt 450 management or similar grade levels let go since this all started. I know of a lot of retirements and a few voluntary separations at my location this summer not counting those outright let go. Some long time Deere folks let go.

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