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Layoffs are probably coming. Be prepared and good luck finding a job in this market.

Well, it sure looks like layoffs are coming based on a few well placed questions and lack of transparency in answers from my direct boss. I have a feeling it is time for all of us to get the resume polished and ready.

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I agree. Too many rumblings and the writing is on the wall. DCG is a sinking ship. Lots of good talent but lots of inept and highly paid former IBMers that somehow survived the last layoffs. Poor leadership from the top down - Just because they were talented technically doesn’t mean they are successful leaders. Technical expertise and sales execution are not the same thing. When the key execs can’t or won’t even engage with major customers after repeated requests- it makes you wonder. Rest assured Mr Austin TX founder engages...

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LI friend requests are going up from people at Lenovo. That is a sure sign of something coming. Its funny how people ignored you or never offered assistance, guidance, reference or anything when you get laid off. But all of a sudden when that time is coming, they are all starting to contact you for references, networking opportunities, job openings, other leads, and anything else. But never once a "hey, sorry you got laid off. I hope things are going ok. Why don't we meet for coffee and catch up." I have ignored over a dozen such requests on LI and have refused to write letters of recommendation. What, you expect me to spend my time writing a LoR for you and I have not heard a word from you in over 2 years. Yeah, I don't think that will happen. And please. do not use me as a reference. I will tell the company exactly what I said here. I haven't heard from such and such in 2 years. They never wanted to meet or talk when I got laid off and are using me as a stepping stool to help them get hired in your company. If that is the type of person you are looking for, then it says more about your company than I could say about the candidate.

I am right there with you. I think something is happening and I think it may happen in November or December.

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