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Is Lowe's stocking up for the Apocalypse?

We have been getting a truck everyday like it's spring all over again with 1/2 the staffing. We are getting ridiculous amounts of freight we don't need and it's stacked to the ceiling in my places. The store can't keep up, every isle is filled with skids of freight even on Sunday it's not caught up. Customers are complaining they can't get down the isles or get at things behind all the skids of unneeded freight. We have like 50 of one thing that we sell 20 in three months of and yet we are empty on some other products. Why is Lowe's so bad at inventory? So much stuff leads to more damaged product especially when their is no where to put it.

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It has been the same at my store for well over a month. Even getting RDC trucks on Friday & Saturday which means freight being put away on the weekends when we are supposed to be focused on customers. Topstock is a train wreck and has been since our store is just now finishing a massive reset affecting ISLG, appliances, flooring, home organization, home decor, electrical, plumbing and tool depts. Much of our topstock has not been relocated to the "new" product location and stocking is just packing c-ap wherever they can find a free spot. IRPs taking triple the time it use to take and our store has our annual inventory coming up in December. That being said, VERY few appliances landing at our servicing ADC so it's going to be a very dire Black November for the appliance dept. God help us make it through next couple months. :-(

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Most 'essential' retailers are stocking up on items for the fall season, if another lock down or panic buying happens again. I don't work for Lowe's, ( don't know what items there are purchasing) but at the retailer I do work for we have more TP, paper towel etc etc than I have ever scene.

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