Thread regarding DXC Technology layoffs

Q2 Numbers Today

Today the numbers for Q" will be presented.
What kind of a smoke screen will Mikey show?

Is it COVID-19? Or still the ongoing transformation as the "New" DXC started with October?

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Results ok, book to bull around 1.

If you dig deeper though.

On a constant currency basis, revenue declined
sequentially by 1.9%. So still in the wrong direction at the moment.

Also holding 3 Billion borrowed money in the bank, what for? Pay the debt as it's probably costing 150 million a year in interest which could go to staff pay rises.

Plenty mentioned about the stack, revenue take out, real estate take out, debt, customers, new Dxc, BPO etc.

Nothing mentioned about staff who deliver a excellent service, who provide the stability of systems, who carry out the projects which generate the revenue. Not one word of appreciation or thanks in the whole transcript.

Not one word on underpaying staff and how he is going to transform that journey for the staff to reward them fairly.

Sad, Mike you need to come out and tell us confidently that we will be rewarded in pay for helping in the journey to stabilise and transform.

We are your biggest asset.

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Makes sense to get rid of offices, why have a expensive overhead which isn't needed.

Pretty much a no brainer, should see a big reduction in offices shortly.

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I wonder if anyone will ask him about the office space and whether we are going to reoccupy it at any stage or sell it off or terminate leases?

Almost 8 months into Covid and despite the earliest date I've heard touted for return to the office is July 2021, I wonder why they haven't actually spoken publicly about the ongoing strategy in any meaningful way?

Oh hang on its because the Milan sell off seemingly has taken every spare cycle and now its onto selloff #2.

Just another case of putting share price manipulation ahead of anything real, especially something real that impacts employees.


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Over and under for how many times he says "right" today. I say 25...

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Well ya know Mike has a big 'play book' so ya know he's got this covered. He will reference the successful sale of Health care business ya know and that he is retaining W&M as it is now a key segment due to COVID even though it took a global pandemic for him to accidental see its value. He will talk ya know about how he is on course for the execution of the strategy and the development of the stack and its now the color purple and the street will be fooled and us grunts will continue to go on getting zero $$

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