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I was an executive and retired a few years ago... the company is not the company that it once was they could care less about you... i know first hand. I retired when i got the inside look at how the company was going to get rid of “outdated” high paid tenured workers at all levels. I couldnt be a part of it so i retired. My stepson just got a job at target in their stores. 40 hours a week and $15 an hour with a pay raise at 6 months. It would take you 10 years to get that at Kroger. If you are a new employee in the stores, do yourself a favor and find something else.

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Fry's division is in contract negotiations. I am sure we can continue to get 25 cent raise or a gift card. It is sad when even Walmart pays more. The starting pay for Amazon, Walmart and target is now higher than the top pay. It is ok. As long as they can repurchase stock so the executives can get another 21% raise. Makes it all ok.
Wouldn't want to pay down debt, invest in inovations or invest in customer service. Forgot.. customer first is dead in Kroger.

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My wife was a SM for them that survived the SM layoffs in 2019 but resigned shortly after because the DM was bipolar/tyrant.

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