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Will it stop at 650?

We all knew layoffs were coming, the company has been having issues for a long time even before the pandemic arrived and made everything three times worse. I'm more worried about this being just the start. I don't want to get lulled into a false state of security now that some layoffs have happened and end up being blindsided when they announce more next month. Or am I simply being paranoid?

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You are being the opposite of paranoid, you are realizing things a bit slowly and not being paranoid enough. The iceberg is behind NI and the titanic is listing, this is far from "just the start". Dude, the first class passengers are out on lifeboats already (Davern, savvy employes). It's a pretty big boat and will take a while to sink but it's beyond the point of no return. The low hanging davern financial optimization fruit is gone so now Starkloff is throwing employees overboard to make things look good enough for him to cash out RSUs. Nobody will lead this company for more than 5 years ever again unless they are making progress towards selling it to Keysight or Danaher.

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there will definitely be more layoffs. NI paid $365 million for optimal plus. Optimal plus brings in about $10M a year in revenue. Yes NI will claim that the acquisition will accelerate growth (NI buzzword). But historically NI has lost money on previous acquisitions, here are some examples: Beecube, phase matrix, diligent, signalion...all these companies were poorly integrated, original employees left because of incompetent NI management, and eventually shut down. So the Optimal plus is just for the CEO to buy time...but the management are basically the same clowns. so they will need to eventually layoff more to pay the bills for the debt financed acquisition.

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