Thread regarding DXC Technology layoffs

Fun Stuff From The Earnings Call

After they release the transcript you can read through the statements of the earnings call.

Yeah! The playbook is back. But he mentioned it only once. SAD!

Mikeys comment on Bionix:
"And one of the things that we've done is we've taken the best of platform DXC and Bionix. And now we call it Platform X, and we are piloting that right now." So customers duck and cover when DXC sales is coming with Platform X. It will be soon stopped anyhow.

"We've decided to retain both the Workplace and Mobility and horizontal BPS businesses. This decision completes the strategic alternatives initiative. We're retaining these 2 businesses as a result of our strong balance sheet and our analysis that we can create more value by
applying our transformation journey to these businesses as compared with the interest we received from potential buyers."
Means: it was not sellable, so we kept it.

Leadership team from Accenture:
"The caliber of this leadership team is evidence that DXC can attract top industry talent."
He needs to say it, otherwise you would not recongize that.

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Quite honestly he is better spoken than he was a year ago he doesn't say you know 100 times he only said it 20

I think he has learned a lot from the Mackenzie consultants on how to run a business

Agreed his playbook is gone

and nobody wanted to buy the PC tech business or place on mobility or the business process outsourcing business both with low margins

Platformax is the new name so that they can sell off the software as well although I spoke with Paul Soleil and he says that platform x is the distinguishing factor

They need to sell that thing off or bring in a software leader

The whole price quoting system was a good idea 115 developers working in Ukraine and 30 in the United States the stealing ideas from Mikey's days at IBM but that thing is nowhere near something better than a departmental system not ready for prime time

finally what they don't talk about is going into new markets he was happy that the Ito business was picking up and the cloud business was down to prove his point but why didn't they do anything for coronavirus and operation warp speed or food delivery helping lift get into that business or anything modern where there's high growth

What happened to automobile c—pit or data warehouse for electronic vehicles what's the Ukrainian company that they acquired I can't even think of the name

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Platform X. As in Platform Undefined?

The only proper response is to runawayyyyyyyyyy.

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WFRs have already started in those regions that are easy to give short notice to get rid of people, I expect other regions to be hit very soon, once they have kicked off the legal process if it has not already been done.

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Forgot to mention what Mikey promised to the workplace team:

During the strategic alternatives initiatives, these 2 businesses were ring-fenced and have been operating with an element of uncertainty. We are now looking forward to operating these businesses with clarity and being able to apply our transformation journey to improve their financial contributions to DXC.

I guess this means there will be be WFR programm soon.

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