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RSA Future Layoffs Feb/BU Splits

Of course we had a Townhall where the executive staff used nothing but buzzwords. There are going to be more layoffs, it's all but guaranteed for Feb timeframe. They are separating all the lines into Business units, which wouldn't be cause for concern except they are rebranding also. We have laid off tons of US support personnel, and the minute that happened they started spinning up "CoE's" in Egypt and Bangalore. I have no issue hiring outside of the US, RSA is an international company. But the fact is they aren't thinking ahead, especially with SLA's that require US based support and Fed stuff.

Get out while you can. RSA is a sinking ship and they are going to be parceled out. They took the 401k match away, no raises, no advancements, and even when we had good profits/quarters, they still won't give this stuff back.

They are going to strip your benefits. Leave now.

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Engineering Morale is about as low as I've seen it in the 12 years I've been here. There have already been a few fairly damaging defections and I have yet to speak with a colleague who has not begun to ramp up their search for employment elsewhere. It's a shame because this current environment is self-inflicted by management and an ELT that just flat-out refuses to listen to their rapidly-thinning bench of talent that they really need to be keeping if they have any desire to be a going concern beyond 2021.

It's pretty obvious that there will be more redundancies made before the end of the current fiscal year. Support first is likely, with a good share of the remaining engineering being shifted overseas. Shame, used to be a great place to work.

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Tons of jobs out there, no one should worry one but about hitting the escape hatch.

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