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The revolving door of new employees

The new batch of new employees some think they will change and organize the very disorganized department. They think they will be a manger because they can navigate the computer. To bad only a couple know how to do the job I sit back and watch and look for another job. I find it very comical to say the least. The door keeps revolving they don’t take workers input into consideration. They have 2 new employees who think they will be a manager with in 6 months or less. The store has to many managers who barely know what they are doing as it is.

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Employees are just expendable numbers in a database. It's not just Lowe's that does this though as it seems to be the way of the Corporate America these days. In a way we only have ourselves to blame, by not supporting local businesses and giving our money to these big conglomerates. The unfortunate thing is the local businesses have fallen so far behind or simply can not be competitive against Lowe's or other big businesses because the purchasing power favors the big players.

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