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Don't expect layoffs to be done any time soon

You can consider them paused, but I think we're far from the point where we can once again enjoy having job security. Between now and the next year, chances are we'll be hearing about small layoffs here and there with another big round in January. And after that there'll likely be several more cycles like that. I might be wrong about this, but judging by what's been going on, I'm more likely not.

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I am curious regarding the meeting invite from their manager. Was the meeting scheduled for greater than 1 hour? I ask because I believe I and my coworkers are being RIF’d this week.

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This is exactly how it happened to me and a number if coworkers in T&T on Tuesday. Sorry, gotta run, they want me to Fedex the laptop back by tomorow...

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It went like that for me except I was notified at 11am and locked out by 2:30pm. You did get more answers as all I got was "HR will answer your questions".
Salaried folks will get 401k matching and if I read between the lines correctly, any separation pay will NOT include a 401k contribution you may have in place.
Forget about the bonus, as if we would get one for 2020.

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Is it now paused until January 2021 because they just let 1000’s of employees go on Tuesday November 10th, 2020? I heard it was a 20% cut company wide. Before that they let many go in August 2020.

How do you get notice. Manager schedules a meeting with employee close to noon. Then employee is told, “Today is your last day sorry, you will be locked out of system at 5pm. I wish you the best. Do you have any questions.”
Current insurance good until month end, then you can buy cobra or find another plan elsewhere.
Talk about being blind sided just before the holidays. Forget about the 401k match or any bonus, they would be paid out after employee gone.

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