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Any advice...

I heard that there might be an another round coming. In case I get laid off, any advice on how I should react when I get the news... I'm scared...

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Great advice from the previous poster,
Do what they suggest
If your that nervous
Now is the time to look
It’s not if I will be laid off
It’s when will I be laid off.
You will carry that around unless you move
Severance pay you may get is not worth wait for if you can find something now.

Start Looking at your state government jobs as they still offer pensions. Most companies phased them out starting in 2000. That also when they started making you pay more for insurance too.

I would start there

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First and foremost; I'd say be emotionally ready. It's a tough ride, especially given what's going on in the world. You have to detach yourself from the company itself and realize it's all about money. Your employer is never your friend. The days of stability in a job are long over.

HR will only help you so much. LinkedIn is a really great resource as it relates to job searching. Again, KEY #1 is go ahead and get your emotional health in a good place. Be ready for it, think through it and absorb the idea that you may get a RIF like so many already have. A "RIF" isn't your fault.

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Depending where you are located. I guess you can always ask HR for some different position ask your supervisor/manager etc for good letter of recommendation and to write as well that you got laid off and not fired from the job so it can help you in future job hunt. This laid off is most unpleasant thing you can get in corporate world and it is pure insanity what is happening. No pattern and I really don't believe this is just pure monetary cutoffs.

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