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Get out now....RSA is going down the tubes, and support will buckle

New owners have zero idea how much US support held it all together. They were blinded by id–tic charts generated by mo–ns in management that have no real idea how US support is the glue holding it all together. The ones remaining will not stick around much longer as the overseas COE (LOL) look for that easy button on solving technical issues and find them gone gone gone working for someone will pig pile issues onto the few remaining...while customers remain in a jam with case load piling up and problems (solvable in minutes or hours) will take days and weeks to resolve. Pressure will be out on engineering to solve front line problems, and that will not go over well for long. Engineering will just leave after enough of that noise. Too bad, but it's a money grab, with no long term goals. Except maybe the brand name RSA for the conference. Good luck with that...there are -plenty- of hot companies looking for brain trust and will mop all these smart folks up, leaving RSA a wasted shell.

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Can't tell you the number of times that overseas support had to be bailed out by the US. They would let cases flounder for 2-3 weeks, it would be handed over, and one of us in the US would solve it in an hour or two. This was even after a few years of trying to get them up to speed. I talked to customers after the September layoffs and they are 1) not buying additional RSA products and 2) looking for ways to purge what they are already using. The "part it out and sell it" strategy only works if it happens fast enough that potential buyers don't see the damage being done.

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