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Final Day

Today is my final day after exactly one year as a manager at EY. During my “Performance Discussion” the script that was read said that I was substantially below expectations for my grade. However I had not received any negative feedback, and had not yet even received ANY formal feedback at fiscal year end. Work is scarce due to COVID. We all know that this is the real reason for so many of us being let go. I could live with being given that explanation; but to blame me, citing my “performance” (which is not supported by facts) was totally disingenuous.

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This is tough. Many people straight out lie about billable hours. But do you report them ... or stay quiet. You are doomed if you do and will be viewed as a problem... just find a more ethical place to work. In the long run it will be better

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It is a dog eat dog world, what were you expecting a golden parachute? EY has standards like all other companies when it comes to hustling for your job and work activity, usually they have utilization targets you need to achieve, monthly revenue achievements, etc, etc. I am sure if you were RIF'd your performance numbers were too low for your pay grade, its not easy working for these firms, I am a previous Capgemini, IBM'r and I know what I am talking about.............performance is tied to monthly recurring revenue, and it is tied to billable utilization on customer engagements, the real question you need to ask yourself, was, were you billable if so what was your utilization target? Was it 80% was it 20% what was it? Also, if you were producing revenue what was your target ? Were you on quota? behind quota? Anyway, there are many factors when it comes to the words "performance", don't take it personally, its life, its COVID-19 there are many factors, pull up your boot straps, lift your chin, and go get another good job, good luck man, sorry about the safe –

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