Thread regarding Regal-Beloit Corp. layoffs

Regal Beloit what are they up to?

In the last few yrs regal is actively shutting many facilities in the US. Valprasio, Clinton, Durst, along with others. It’s latest hack Hub City inc. 200 lives strong shuttered without a thought. A company that used to have an 80 percent foot print domestic and 20 foreign, now is 70 foreign 30 Us. Hub city 125 yrs young and still competitive in the power transmission industry gutted, with stock drives said going to other facilities with little or no experience in the field. Known for its custom drives supplying many US manufacturers those companies are just out. Regal has no intent serving the customer base that built it. Anyone watching would wonder how the stock price continues to rise with no clear picture of its direction and the corporate captains steering a rudderless ship. Regal with its moto of do no harm, is silent as to how it will serve its customer base or end game.

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