Thread regarding Boeing Co. layoffs

Bankruptcies this year have already surpassed that of 2008

Top Five Bankruptcy Filings for 2020:
Chesapeake Energy, Assets of $16.2 billion, liabilities of $11.8 billion,
the filing represents the fourth-largest bankruptcy by assets so far in 2020.

Neiman Marcus
The company's history goes back 113 years to its first store in Dallas.

The 118-year-old department store JCPenney, was already struggling to
overcome a decade of bad decisions, and executive instability

Remington Arms Co.
The 204-year-old U.S. gun-maker, among the best-known brands of firearms,
Filed for Chapter 11 protection due to two decades of mismanagement
and cost cutting resulting in a line of inferior products that no one wanted.

The 104-year-old plane maker was already struggling overcome two decades of
management instability and a host of bad decisions, all related to cost cutting.
This resulted in products so inferior and so dangerous that no one would buy,
let alone fly

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All 737 MAX aircraft already built needs to banned from flying and turned into soda cans.

I don’t feel sorry for Boeing on bit, they allowed the MBAs run this once great company into the ground. Everything revolves around pushing out terrible aircraft to beat Airbus.

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Boeing is looking for buyers to sell dozens of 737 MAX jets built for clients
that have since scгapped their orders.
Delta Air Lines is among the airlines Boeing has approached to buy dozens
of Scгapped MAX jets built for clients that have since Scгapped their orders.
As the MAX edges closer to commercial flight after an 18-month grounding,
Boeing is scrambling to find buyers for the so-called “white tails”

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The International Air Transport Association states that global losses could
reach billions of dollars, and last month, the aviation consultancy CAPA
predicted that "most airlines in the world will be bankrupt" without help.
There has even been talk of American Airlines demise.

The List_of bankrupted airlines, So Far____

Nantucket Express (USA)
Trans States Airlines (USA)
Compass Airlines (USA)
Ravn (USA)
Miami Air International (USA)
Shoreline Aviation (USA)
Expressjet (USA)
Miami Air International (USA)
Air Italy (Italy)
Atlasglobal (Turkey)
SunExpress Deutschland, A Turkish airline
Flybe (UK)
Germanwings (Germany)
South African Airways (SAA) / A rare instance of a flag carrier going under.
South African Express
German Airways (Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter) (Germany)
Avianca Perú
TAME EP (Ecuador)
Flyest (Argentina)
LATAM Argentina
Air Georgian (Canada)
LEVEL Europe (Austria)
SunExpress Deutschland (Germany)
One Airlines (Chile)
NokScoot (Thailand)
Tigerair Australia
Leeward Islands Air Transport - LIAT (Antigua)
Jet Time (Denmark)
Go2Sky (Slovakia)
LATAM Airlines Brazil
Avianca Holdings: The second-largest carrier in South America,
Virgin Australia: The country’s second-biggest airline
BRA Swedish airline
Air Mauritius The flag carrier airline of Mauritius.
Level Europe, Austria-based

Thousands of used aircraft are now on the market,
along with 500 New Max aircraft to be auctioned off

  • Get out when and while you can
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The customer’s love affair with Boeing is over
Imagine your lover gave you an incurable and deadly STD
Then Imagine your lover knew they were infected and still bedded you
That’s Boeing

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let me get my violin out and play a sad tune for all these wonderful's such a tragedy...meanwhile Dennis M who drove the ship into the iceberg gets $60M....F them.....

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