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The 20 Year Plan, Accelerated

If you follow Dominic Gates in The Seattle Times, you'll know that his unidentified and highly placed Boeing sources have stated the Master Plan was to be out of Puget Sound in 20 years. Covid-19 has simply accelerated it's implementation. Boeing has zero loyalty to the region or employees, unless, of course, you're highly placed in management.

Boeing also doesn't really care about quality or safety very much, which is surprising given the MAX and numerous QC issues on several models. Sure, you can hire and train workers in the South or Mid-South to make airplanes, but aircraft aren't the same as BMWs, Nissans, or Mercedes, all of which are produced in that region now. Aircraft are several steps above, but Boeing doesn't seem to think that way any more. You can just screw (or glue a Lego Liner) an airplane together and everything is fine, until its isn't, and one augers in because it wasn't built right.

GE Dave and the board don't care. It's all about the money. We get all of the feel-good corporate BS about a commitment to quality and safety, and then they take the steps that ensure neither is really a priority. The shareholders are all that really matter. Dead passengers are just a cost of doing business, and Boeing figures they can PR their way out of future problems.

One other thing. It's clear that many of the people who post here are either really dumb, or don't actually work at Boeing. No, you can't "bump" a worker in SC because they aren't union. You should probably already know that BTW. Some of the other posts indicate either a lack of education and/or critical thinking skills.

So, Boeing is going, sooner than later, and GE Dave is willing to toss all of us under the bus along with the well-established supply chain here in Washington State. They'll probably sell the Renton and Frederickson sites and move a 737 line to Everett, along with a lot of other short-sighted decisions that will end poorly.

The entire house of cards comes down the second an SC-built 787 hits the ground and the NTSB and FAA are are able to pinpoint a factory error.

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Is that right @1clv? So management designs and certifies designs? As far as I am concerned union engineers act as authorized representatives/unit members and assuming FAA gives full delegation, they have the authority to certify stuff.

Put all the excuses you want, union engineers screwed up too. There is nothing wrong with admitting it. Same way we criticize South Carolina folks when they have screwed up in the past

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Management’s inveigling, obfuscations, deceit and treachery
Will be in full swing and at a fevers pitch to get people to move to S.C.
Just like they sold the Max Fraud to all their unsuspecting customers!!!
🛫 🛫 🛫 🛫 🛫 🛫 🛫 🛫 🛫 🛫
Don't drink the Kool-Aid

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Boeing Proprietary Means of Aircraft Certification:
Remember how all of management bragged about it, well do you?
It Was Our Secret
Our Edge Over The Rest of The World
Our Ace In The Hole
Well The Secret is Out
It’s Deceit and Bribery

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Don't blame the engineers for the mcas. thats all management's cost cutting obsession for pwofits that made the mcas/737 MAX disaster.

Pwofits pwofits pwofits!

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I love when all these union geniuses talk c-ap about South Carolina but they forget that Puget Sound mechanics also forgot how to put airplanes together without leaving FOD behind (767, 737). Also don’t forget your genius engineers also managed to engineer MCAS with a single point of failure.

Management and BoD might be trash but don’t pretend that union engineers and mechanics are geniuses because they are not

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China and Russia, among others, have been trying for years to get a certifiable aircraft to compete with the A320/21 and 737. Hasn't happened, and probably won't because they can't build them correctly.

China even produced an MD-80 derivative under license and it wasn't allowed to fly into either Europe or the US.

Of course, both Boeing and Airbus have a vested interest in seeing the competition fail.

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Once China or Japan introduces an equivalent to the 737 or Airbus neo the game will be over. There is no way Boeing or Airbus can compete to the lower cost of overhead China or Japan will have in building aircraft.

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Boeing is in shambles and William Boeing is rolling in his grave....

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Short term

90 day shutdown

Move 737 line to Everett
Sell the Renton land to developers.

Sell Aerion investment
Sell BDS if a buyer can be found (doubtful)

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I think a major consideration is that Boeing doesn't have a forecast model that says commercial aircraft will be profitable within the next 20 years. No one is going to toss good money after bad with Boeing and that is why the Bain company is now at Boeing. Bain doesn't build companies; they are corporate raiders who 'destructure' companies into profitable units to sell off.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if Boeing files bankruptcy within the next year.

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