Thread regarding Canadian Natural Resources Limited layoffs

We have to support Oil and Gas industry at all costs

I read Suncor announced layoffs. Any word about what is going on at CNRL?
What is the federal governmnet government going to do to support our the Oil and Gas industry?

The federal government is wasting resources as usual in Eastern Canada. We are the engine that drives the rest of Canada. Support needs to be afforded to Alberta first. Supporting us will drive support in the rest of Canada through spinoff. This is not the case the other way around.

We need a clear plan what Ottawa plans to do to support the most important industry in Canada.

In Alberta we are making sacrifices to our public services to support the Oil and Gas industry, what is the rest of Canada doing to support Oil and Gas - Nothing!!!. The most important and vital industry in Canada must be supported at all costs.

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Who is Peter Shaw?
I keep seeing this quote “The environment will fix itself, that is the order of nature”. What the heck is that supposed to mean? To me it implies we can extract oil without caring for the environment.

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Alberta Oil is a dead horse, oil demand is set to peak and fall this decade and I wish the Kenny government would realize this. Once this happens Alberta will be the first to have investments pull out (as we are already seeing). The Saudis will continue the pump close to max capacity as they know what’s on the horizon. Help from Ottawa will not do a damn thing. Best thing for Alberta would be diversify now, many in the industry and Alberta are starting to realizing this and I highly doubt the UPC make it past another election.

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Oil is Canada, and Canada is oil.

What is the federal government doing to support the oil and gas industry of the country. We are the energy that actually supports the rest of Canada.

What has Quebec actually done, except complain that they are a distinct society (and lazy) and ask for more and more transfer payments. The lefties in the rest of Canada needs to understand they can’t have all those social programs without somehow paying for it. Guess who has being paying for it all these years? Alberta has being paying for this.

Supporting Alberta will help TROC (the rest of Canada). Every $1 invested in Alberta has the effect of $12 in the rest of Canada. If the government understands this they will understand supporting Alberta first has the biggest bang for the buck.

As for the environment Peter Shaw is right “The environment will fix itself, that is the order of nature”.

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