Thread regarding American Airlines Group Inc. layoffs

Life Happens Fast, Were You Ready?

There's a well known term used by professional investors called 'Recency Bias.'

Recency Bias refers to the erroneous assumption by unsophisticated investors that what happened yesterday(Recently)will happen tomorrow.

Most days, this assumption will serve one well, and as a result, the belief becomes more and more ingrained. Until the day it doesn't, and on that day the price for this assumption can be catastrophic.

Airline Industry employees are squarely in the timeframe where Recency Bias will prove catastrophic. You will know who was caught by this the worst by who's telling themselves and others things like 'This is just temporary' 'Things will get back to normal and we'll all have our jobs back.'

The reason they cling to this is because they have no other plan and probably aren't financially prepared for a shock. So they will posture themselves as 'positive' and 'optimists' when in reality that's just a pretense, a mask they've put on as defense, due to being involuntarily immersed in a world they are not prepared to handle, have not the coping skills to handle adversity, nor any idea what's going on.

In short, they can't handle adversity because they assumed it never happens.

To them, anyone who knows sh!t DOES happen is 'negative' or a 'pessimist' which is typical of one dimensional personality types. When faced with something they don't understand, they fear, label it, and condemn it.

But the proof's in the pudding, and during times like these, the recency Bias crowd will grow quieter and quieter, having nothing to say as these furloughs go on and ultimately turn into layoffs. Doubt that?
It's already happened to tens of thousands in this industry and others.

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I agree with the previous poster. It’s why I moved into computer programming years ago. I saw that the Digital Age was here and jobs were moving that way. Life isn’t about change, though. People won’t ever change, only the rules and tools change around them. What does need to change is management and care if people by corporate and Capitalistic America that pays no taxes now and abuses people continually in the workforce. Until that’s fixed and regulation is in place companies, careers, bankruptcies, and delusions will continue.

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