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Oct 5 2020 - Large scale layoffs under the Universal Parks & Resorts division is currently occurring today and probably still aren't done yet as this is only Monday. Usually it takes 2-3 days for everything to level out and everyone that will be laid off to be formally notified.
All departments are affected in Orlando and Hollywood, both in-park as well as a ton of behind the scenes jobs impacted. Ride technicians, people greeters, food and merchandise personnel, chefs, marketing, sales, and technology teams – all impacted. Also, the layoff is across all levels including low level all the way up to managers, directors, and some executives. Every. Single. Department was cut personnel. I don't know the total number laid off today but heard it is around 2500. Not as many as last month, but still it is a lot of people.
This is now the 3rd straight layoff, one per month, since the Orlando FL parks reopened in July. If anything, it seems like the 1st of the month the only thing employees have to look forward to are more layoffs.

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