Thread regarding American Airlines Group Inc. layoffs

Let's Rip the Band-Aid Off

Better to get it over with and move on. The truth hurts but it also frees, so here it is.


Not soon, not late, not ever. The world has changed, and some industries(yours)especially will never be the same again. Business Travelers have discovered the ease, convenience, and time/money savings of online meeting platforms.

Companies are using online like never before and saving enormous amounts of time and money. They aren't going back to an expensive, time consuming, and now outdated model of face to face meetings that require long distance travel.

The economy is not recovering, it bounced due to trillions in free money stimulus that's gone now, and if you think the govt is going to give money away forever you're a tad naive. Welcome to your new reality, your old one is gone for good.

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AA needs to be dissolved and sold off. Management and IT fired. Let SW and Delta buy up what’s left. Then the remaining airlines need to become a public utility at some point. Replace all aircraft with smaller, lighter electric planes. Fire all the managers and have it all automated by talented organized IT staff and people that care. Then travel will be a joy, no pollution, filled with kind people, and travel will be affordable. Easy!!

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