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Jim McNerney was a corporate raider

His decision to try and do a derivative of the 737 when the fuselage was designed in the 1960s instead of a clean sheet airplane destroyed this company.

All because he didn’t wanna affect his bonuses for the three years the development program would last.

The absurd amount of money he was paid to essentially gut the company and cut every corner Is exactly why the companies in the shape it’s in now.

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Jim McNerney, who retired as Boeing CEO halfway through last year, collected a total of $38.8 million from pay and stock sales in 2015. His replacement, Dennis Muilenburg, had total compensation of $13 million while Commercial Airplanes boss Ray Conner received $9 million.

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stop all you HATERS ! ....the 707 Max is a great plane after you figure out how to jam giant out of design engines under it it's should fly.

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They didn’t have money for a new clean cheat aircraft program but they did have money to pay McNerney $53 million in 2013 and 2014. A freaking disgrace.

Muillenberg deserve to be thrown under the bus he was his right hand man.

McNerney only cared about one thing how much money he was going to get paid and bonuses third does 737 max program is a perfect example. Could’ve spent $60 million on the development program prefer to give them self a bonus.

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It sure sounds like your trying to deflect from the fact that Boeing’s management
“Deliberately” murdered people for profit, while defrauding the customers along
With falsifying documentation submitted to the FAA………………………………………
Blame McNerney, is the same tactic that
Boeing’s New CEO David L Calhoun used when Throwing Muilenburg
under the Bus

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In 2013, McNerney made $23.2 million in total compensation, which included a $1.9 million salary, $3.7 million stock award, $3.7 million stock option grant, and an annual incentive bonus of $12.8 million. In 2014, as Chairman and CEO of Boeing, McNerney made $29 million in total compensation.

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