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Just curious...

Anyone else suspicious of being let go due to medical reasons?

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From the movie “the company men” circa 2010:

Did Hansen get you started on that new list yet?
How many? - Five thousand.
Well, what is the criteria for getting canned this time?
Gary Hunt's put on a few pounds, maybe we should let him go. And I hear Jill Carter has cancer. We could save a bundle on her insurance premiums!
We're still at least seventy-five short.
What about Debra Hayes, Senior Director of accounting, maritime sales?
Debra Hayes has ten years with the company and outstanding
She also has a husband with a successful law practice and two kids who would be delighted to have mommy at home.
She's sixty, I doubt her kids are still living at home, much less calling her "Mommy."

I'm looking and all I see are people who are over fifty,
with just enough young ones thrown in to protect us from litigation.
I'm confident all of these dismissals will stand up to outside legal scrutiny.
What about ethical scrutiny?
We're not breaking any laws, Gene.
I guess I always assumed we were trying for a higher standard than that.

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I know of an (older) employee who had good reviews, no problems, but recently fell ill on the job requiring medical attention.
The employee quickly returned to work with no restrictions but was the first to go when the time came.

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