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How are you preparing?

In case I'm laid off I want to be prepared. I already cut all my non-essential costs, I have a nice little nest egg saved up, I keep my LinkedIn updated, I keep in touch with people who could help me out if I need a job... Is there anything else I should be doing to be better prepared if (or more likely, when) my time here is up?

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Havign DXC on your CV makes no difference really, even if you would like to think it does. Recruiters don't hold you responsible for what DXC does, they only care about what you can bring to the table. Agencies only care if the people they've been placing in DXC leave within 3 months, because the full payment they are promised increases 20% until you've been there 5 months and if people are leaving they don't get commission and avoid DXC, but again it won't reflect on anyone there, just DXC.

Register with an agency that specialise in the IT technology space. Tell them what you want, send them a CV. In fact, make a point of registering this Monday. It won't hurt and will give you a boost that you are doing something positive and apply for at least 1 job next week. Don't worry about matching 100% of your skills, as long as 60% match what you know you can do, the rest is the usual preferences. Ignore that. They only put that down in case someone does have everything, in which case they'd likely be applying for something higher which only has 60% of what they want too!

The hardest thing of a DXC'r to do is to drop the baggage and leave behind the years of grief and anger when they leave. It's hard, I know. Been there. The DXC toxic poison gets inside your skin and affects your outlook, well being and family.

Just do one thing positive next week. Register with an agency and apply for 1 job.

Good luck

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Create time for yourself to work on your skills, or develop new skills that could help you land another job elsewhere. You can do this while at DXC, or in case you do not find a new job immediately after being laid off. Do it for you.
In my region, people are doing the exact same thing as a direct consequence of being screwed over by this management consistently. They're now taking as much as possible while they still can.

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If you have been with DXC for more than 2 years, you can't take it off your resume or it will show a large gap in years working.

Save off internal and external contacts as well

I would also backup / copy all the files from your DXC machine, including OneDrive, exporting all your emails (inbox and sent items) to a PST and save that as well. Never know when you made need something that you worked on after DXC.

I have PST's, scripts, documents going back 20 years and I have used some of the old information to create updated documents and scripts.

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Don't stop waiting until you get laid off. Start actively applying for a new position! I was on annual leave back in September for a couple of weeks. That was when we had this great "transformation programme" with voluntary leaves in Germany and I started to refresh my CV because I couldn't trust a word these guys told us in the town hall meetings (who all look as if a truck hit them badly).

And guess what, I hit the jackpot two weeks ago.

Nobody should make the assumption they will not be affected, everyone who stays there will be one way or the other. If you have good prospects in the market I would go ahead. And once you get laid off, hopefully with some money...

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Take DXC off your resume as that will hold you back.

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