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Furloughs turn to layoffs at corporate, major downsizing

There were major reductions in workforce at corporate today. Mostly furloughed employees who will not be brought back.

According to follow-up communications sent from HR, employees let go as a result of reductions in workforce are NON-REHIRABLE, considering their former roles no longer exist.

Terminated employees will be receiving severance packages, based on their tenure, by early December, according to HR. For reference, a severance for less than 6 months of tenure is around $2,000.

Medical coverage for laid-off employees will continue until the end of the month following their separation date. However, RH has set employment-end-dates to the last day of the month for employees already on furlough.

COBRA and other extension of benefits will be sent within 30 days following separation, in accordance to Calif. labor laws—RH corporate offices are located in San Ramon, Calif.

Corporate will be mailing recovery packages to return any borrowed equipment (laptops, monitors, etc.), but former employees will not be able to collect any items left behind at the corporate office building. There is currently no system in place to do this, according to HR.

Former employees may, or may not, be contacted by early December if a system to collect personal belongings from the Bishop Ranch offices is implemented. If former employees do not hear from RH, It is up to them to contact management or HR. As of now, the building remains closed.

RH does not do references or letters of recommendation, all that is provided to former employees are job role and start/end dates.



For those of you in the same situation, an email for a “FURLOUGH DISCUSSION” or “FURLOUGH UPDATE” means you are being laid off.

If HR is on the call, expect a lay-off.

Most furloughed employees will NOT be brought back. START LOOKING FOR ANOTHER JOB NOW!!!

I general, management at corporate is inappropriate, indifferent, or completely absent. The absent are the best. Furloughs and separations are not based on tenure, performance, or other objective factors. If they like you, they’ll keep you—if they don’t, you’re as good as gone.

The company underpays employees and generally offers menial pay-raises. As a whole, RH is production-driven, with most employees being complacent to perform the same repetitive tasks for years on end.

IF YOU ARE ON A FURLOUGH LEAVE NOW. You are so much more than RH thinks you are. The world doesn’t end at a second-rate staffing agency that is unwilling to adapt to today’s fast-moving tech-driven world. You are more than enough and can absolutely, positively, most definitely, find a BETTER, more fulfilling job. Period.

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RH is a joke. If you don't drink, party and hob knob and a** kiss, you will be let go. This company is prejudice, racist, and completely biased. They are probably the dirtiest operation out there. To think-I used to be proud that I worked there, BARF.

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Whats weird is they kept telling us that things are going well and that theyre bringing people back but of course you always hear things through the grapevine that contradict this. Also I heard there are more layoffs across the board coming before the end of the year sometime before christmas so I keep checking forums for clues lol Thanks for posting this because now I know what to expect when the time comes Guess I can say goodbye to all of the stuff I left behind at my cube...

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Perhaps in their industry, but this is not the standard for others and should be measured as such. All furloughed employees were let go, many of them top performers with 20+ years of experience. Meanwhile, people who were recently hired were kept on. Yes, I suppose they do treat their employees exceptionally well. No doubt these were calculated decisions which were most likely based on factors such as salary, but it speaks to the company’s disregard for employee dedication and loyalty. In my experience, these are not the actions other companies in similar situations have taken.

There is now major damage control taking place at corporate. Meetings are being organized to gauge employees satisfaction. Those remaining are starting to realize they are overworked and underpaid and are now putting together exit plans. People are talking about how others left and make so much more money elsewhere, even in this Covid economy! RH knows they’re in trouble, but they will most likely hire folks who are willing to take low salaries in exchange for generous benefits because they believe them to be the best of the staffing agencies around, and forget there’s a whole other world outside of RH. Sad!

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In Rh's defense, they do offer better benefits to their employees (and treat them way better) than other placement agencies. I've worked with different agencies and I have to say, RH treats their employees the best by far. They guy that placed me got laid off from his job (not RH) and he just had a new born. He basically only have unemployment and the temporary Federal Covid package to live on, and he has been employed with that agency for years. That placement agency gave their own employees skeleton benefits. They treated their own employees like temps. Based on my experience with agencies in general as far as how they treat their own employees, I would say RH is one of the best by comparison.

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