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This was quick

This place went from one of the best places to work for to one of the worst within a span of two years or so. And it's not just the pandemic, things started to change long before this - when some of the most valued employees were tossed aside with no second thought in the name of cost savings. We went from having fun at work to having one of the most toxic work environments. It just makes me sad to see what Tesla has turned into.

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Clearly s##t rolls down hill here. Management doesn’t have a clue how to fix problems.

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Tesla's great, love my job and the pace. Sorry you're not feeling it anymore maybe you've been in a role for too long and need a change. Talk to your manager, its really common and easy to move people around roles.

For those that were let go, its possible you didn't have all the information? I've seen valued people walked out simply because they were toxic af around their teammates. Top shelf contributors, but constantly spouting trash, being combative and argumentative, just being bad people to work around. I think tesla would rather loose a great worker than keep one that pollutes the whole team.

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There is no such thing as “most valued employees “.

You are all just expendable tools used to make the 5th wealthiest person on the planet even richer. No more, no less. You can (and will) be easily replaced with any one of the thousands waiting to get in.

And this is not unique to Tesla. It is the new 21st century business “norm”.

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