Thread regarding Boeing Co. layoffs

The future of remaining employees in Seattle?

Good luck to all people from the remaining offices of Seattle-area headquarters of Boeing’s commercial-airplane division. I know that the plans are confidential, but even after the dismissal I am still tied to this company, so I wonder if anyone has a little more information on how these employees will continue to work after the relocation? Which location is the most likely option for the new Commercial Airplanes headquarters?

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And there is your answer OP. The BCA HQ will not move out of WA. It will however move to Everett. Combine that with the sale of the HQ building in Renton and it seems to be a sure thing.

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I am one repo away from being out of debt :)

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You will not be laid off first by using company "resources" to go back to school. The money is already budgeted, and besides from the companies view you become an investment if anything not a liability.

Being Boeing Wa. is union it doesn't matter if you are attending school or not, you get laid off in most cases by seniority. It does look good however that you are utilizing resources to better yourself which ultimately is in the company's best interest.

Like I mentioned before, take advantage of these programs while they are still available and on the company's dime. Most men lead lives of quiet desperation. Meaning most people just go through a dead end job hating it, and not striving for their real passion. Nothing is stopping you, go for it, make Boeing pay for your training along the way so you can get the hell out and do what you've always wanted to do.

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My truck can't get repo'd in the middle of the night it sits in a garage dip$/hit lol

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IF you use the company's resources to go back to school and have them pay for it, THEN you will be put in the layoff list. IF you have a major heart attack and use up a lot of the company's health insurance coverage (costly to them), THEN you will be put in the layoff list. OTHERWISE, it's all good.

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Seems that many are still in Denial that Evt. Boeing is in decline and will be a ghost town in the next couple of years. As mentioned before, the 87 has been confirmed to relocate, 47 will be finished in ~ 2yrs, 67's are no longer being ordered for commercial use, leaving the 777/777x which are pumping out next to nothing per month. 1 year ago had you told me being on the 67 program would be one of the safest at Everett I would have laughed but here we are.

Fellas, its time to prepare. While Boeing is still offering to pay for school, take advantage of it, obtain a certificate(s), work on a degree, make yourself more marketable now, so if/when the inevitable happens to you, you are more prepared than others who are oblivious to the situation.

With that said, I wish you all the best of luck, Layoffs are tough, and its going to be extraordinarily hard on those who have made Boeing their careers with a lot of time vested. The best thing you can do is prepare now, especially those with families who are counting on you to provide.

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How Much Longer Will 767s Be In Production? -
F_ing Dսmb A$$
Where are these mouth breathers coming from?
It’s unfathomable to think such dults work with us!!!
Note the time stamp 2:30am PDT

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Besides the new tankers for the Air Force.... what’s the demand (if any) for new airline 767s ?

How much longer will the 767 production line be running ?

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Good Luck:
Boeing: Ethics & Compliance
Boeing promotes awareness of the company’s reporting channels
and non-retaliation policies in annual training for all employees
(tracked to completion), recurrent employee communication,
command media, and posters that are displayed in high-traffic work areas
across the enterprise. Resources for deployment are available
in additional languages.

Boeing employee suing for harassment, Retaliation Found ...
Jun 18, 2019 • A long-time employee is suing Boeing,
saying it allowed a hostile work environment and claiming
retaliation after he complained about harassment by his co-workers

Many More to come
But Boeing Does Not Care,
With no jail time, they can afford to be criminals

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The Future of Former Employees in Seattle Is As Follows

  1. Homelessness
  2. Hunger
  3. Substance Abuse
  4. Depression & Despair

All of this will befall the former employees of Boeing.
While those responsible for flying the company into a smoldering pit,
with their 47 billion squandered on the stock buyback Ponzi scheme,
along with Not building a proper competitor for the largest segment
of the aviation market, when they had 20 years to do so.
But in its place, sold the greatest fraud in aviation history, the Max.
Those responsible will make Millions More for absolutely no reason,
While the former employees of Boeing starve and are quickly forgotten.

The Future of Remaining Employees in Seattle Is As Follows
Worked to death, to make Millions More for undeserving miscreants.

Good Luck

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Boeing HQ to move to Tijuana Mexico for cheaper labor cost and better leadership.

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Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) is in talks to purchase BCA

Bottom Line
COMAC will shred the antiquated 1960 737 and build a global competitor
to the Airbus portfolio, using Boeing’s manufacturing technologies.
The plastic boondoggle 787 is slated for scгapping, that technology
will not be transferred.

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The future is called unemployment and having your big obnoxious 4X4 Ford , Chevy or Ram truck repo'd in the middle of the night

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So, I know the subtleties of the English language are lost on the union folks who barely graduated high school. I am not the OP, but I will endeavor to explain.

They DID NOT say Boeing Company HQ
They DID say Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) which is in Washington.

To explain to the uninformed.

Boeing corporate is made up of BCA (commercial), BDS (defense), and BGS (services)

BCA has its HQ in Washington (Renton)
BDS has its HQ in Missiouri (St. Louis)
BGS has its HQ in Texas (Plano)

Boeing Corporate has its HQ in Chicago.

What the post was implying was that because of the 787 leaving, the 767 eventually ending, the 747 ending in a couple of years, that maybe Boeing Commercial would consider moving the entire operation out of the Puget Sound area. Which would be the smart move. And it was asking where the new BCA HQ may be after they move.

This point seems to be lost on the minions that only know "ugg, I buck rivet"

Based on the smart a– comment of "if you work for Boeing, you would know where HQ is" that would mean NONE of the commenters work for Boeing because none of them knew that BCA is different than Boeing Corporate.

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There is no need to be rude. HQ of this division is in Renton, which is just a few miles from Seattle.

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If you would work for Boeing, you would have known where the headquarter is!!!

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Observations of written language construct can tell us many things.
Such as, the thread creator has never worked for Boeing.
And they are a foreign national

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