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As my vision clears 2020 Boeing not so much

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Reputation is gone. Besides in manufacturing reputation only goes so long then one has to perform. Unlike the googles , fb etc.
Touch labor treated like c-ap. No trade schools anymore. Everyone gets a overpriced degree and expect a 6 figure salary.
Can't wait till more and more of those jobs go to India. Working from home is great isn't it SHEEPLE.

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Outsourcing Outsourcing Outsourcing

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"Lt. Col. Brandon Kelley, an Army spokesman, said, "We will not allow Boeing incompetence to pose more danger to our troops Then the enemy."

The article didn't quote that has having been said. For one reason, Army officers are not illiterate and know the difference between 'then' and 'than'.

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So what? Boeing will get a bailout no matter what. Too big to fail. Can't let Airbus to have a monopoly in various markets.

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Army Halts Apache Helicopter Deliveries

For the second time in two years, the Army had to stop accepting
Boeing's attack helicopter.
It’s the latest quality-control issue to bedevil America’s largest plane maker,
which is trying to shift its company’s culture and repair its public image after
two deadly airliner crashes and a production line that left tools and trash inside
the new tanker aircraft and the Max.

Lt. Col. Brandon Kelley, an Army spokesman, said
We will not allow Boeing incompetence to pose more danger to our troops
Then the enemy. The AH-64 Apache’s intent is to dispatch hostiles not us.

This is not the first time we have suspended Apache deliveries.
From March to August 2018, the Army halted acceptances after finding
a flaw in a part that holds the helicopter’s rotors to the aircraft.

Boeing criminal negligence in putting nickel and dime profits ahead of lives
Must end.
Boeing’s quality-control practices have been called into question by both the
commercial industry and the military, with no end in sight.

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Well it's obvious you haven't taken a look at boeings debt to equity ratio. Those are the worst numbers I've ever seen in my life. And the shareholders equity is deep in the red and keeps dropping. That's a really bad sign

On top of that add the non stop production failures. Boeings currently lacking in competitive innovation and has a destroyed reputation

But yeah forget about all that boeing will be fine

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