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Everyone laid off

Everyone will get laid off, take the package and run.

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The ones who leave will be the most fortunate in the long run.

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There will be a package. But, COP has shown over several acquisitions to offer up a lot to the employees of the company they are buying to keep them there for a while (year or two with incentive bonuses to stay) as COP s—s at negotiating and also technically and they will need anyone that knows anything to hang in there to show them how to operate....before they add in one of the highpot's they promoted to manager or another one of the biggest axxholes you will ever meet and they take it over completely in a year or two and bring in the extra staff to push the paperwork they require so they can keep the additional employees around that they should have gotten rid of years ago. So eventually you get big, slow and costly. But enjoy the time. They used to be a company that valued the technical staff and if you showed loyalty, they showed it back and they had the refining side that helped during the bearish oil prices times to keep more staff. But since becoming and independent and the shale boom and them moving towards it, they don't really need any great technical folks or experience since it has become a "factory" mentality and most of the work these days is just paper pushing with no real design and a trained monkey could do it. So they ran off anyone above 40 who had been there a while and who had done 99% of the shale work designs they'd ever need. And they kept all the managers they could by moving them around or creating positions and also kept all the young, cheaper staff as experience isn't really valued there...but like I said, they don't really need any. I was there during the Burlington acquisition and they put the HBR staff on a pedestal and treated them like very delicate tissue paper and when they got their retention bonuses, most just left the day after it hit the auto-deposit without any notice. So just enjoy your time, and if you think you want to stay, just get really good at PowerPoint presentations and you may also want to learn how to brown nose as well. Put those two together and you will ensure yourself a long and prosperous career at COP.

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