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Layoffs are happening at Ecolab

They are laying off dead ahead. Every mill is losing 1 to 2 technicians. They got our local mill today with 1 fired and the next mill 40 minutes away lost 2. Greedy and selfish. They are going after part times and newest hires.

Does anybody have more info on this? Will there be more layoffs soon?

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I also wanted to add to the 1st reply of this thread that saving money on 7 positions, since 1 of the 8 vacancies was filled to be fair, was not the only way they saved money at that plant. They had an offer that was rescinded from a candidate and a job posting that was sc-apped.

So in total, they saved money on 8 vacancies, minus 1 that was replaced, plus 2 openings that were never hired for. They saved on a total 9 positions overall at a smaller plant. This number represents almost 1/3 of the whole plant's normal total number.

Not only did they benefit from these savings, but they are also overworking the remaining employees they have. Almost everyone there is very busy and forced to plow through extra soil like cattle. Some people are being disrespected by being forced to perform lowly tasks.

I have offers coming in, so I will be in a good place soon. I just wanted to share all this info for anyone who will read this thread. This is proof that it's not just about saving some money. It is about absolute greed, selfishness, and betrayal by plotting snakes. When a plant saves money on almost 1/3 of its roster number and works the remaining workers to death, it truly is the definition of greed!

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I don't know if there will be more layoffs, but they are indeed happening in October 2020.

The plant I was at had 4 retirements, 2 deaths (1 replacement for 1 death), and 2 deserved terminations before they got to me, the newest guy in a management position. I thought that getting rid of 8 people, as listed above, would have been enough to save them money but no.

They are indeed greedy and selfish. I saw proof of that.

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